Best shm sacd

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Best shm sacd

Wanna pick a fight with a hardcore audiophile? Tell him that SACD is a dead format. While competing DVD-Audio died on the vine with poor major label support and technical complications, the video deficient SACD kept chugging in the specialty audiophile market even with the rise of the superior Blu-ray format.

Simply put if you want to demo your audio system today in the digital domain - you need a stash of SACD discs to wow friends and family with audio that is so much better than what they download from iTunes that they can't believe it.

There is no bad note on Dark Side of the Moon and there aren't many records you can say that about. Even Sgt. Peppers and Thriller have a stinker on them.

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue SACD - out of print - While this all time classic is available on all kinds of vinyl - you will have to make it your audiophile mission to find a used copy on SACD because it was released and it was good. Like Dark Side, this is a defining record not only for the artist but for a genre of music. Yet another record without a bad note on it.

Billie Jean Michael Jackson(SACD)Best Quality

Hot Buttered Soul is likely Hayes' best work start to finish on an album. On SACD, the record sounds a bit dated in terms of recording techniques but the music more than makes up for it.

Cin gindin karuwa batsa

It's a top demo disc in anyone's collection. With Michael Jackson becoming the most successful dead celebrity in the world - you'd expect to be able to get this disc at retail but you will need to head to eBay for this gem. The album is strong and the audio shines on better systems. On lesser systems, specifically lesser disc players, its barely better than CD but on top level systems it really comes a live.

Hunt this disc down for your collection. Modern blues recording in 5. This is a great demo disc without question. This well crafted modern Blue Note album is easily bought at places like Music Direct and should be a part of your collection if you don't already have it. Sadly, today you have to hunt it down. Many stores have it back ordered so strike while the iron is hot to get one of the best example of Coltrane soloing ever recorded in SACD.

While its an older recording in mono - its still worth your attention as the improved sonics and masterful performance is worth of your attention. Much like building a true audiophile system - nothing is truly easy or inexpensive. This list of SACDs represents the best that the format has to offer.

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Visit our Network of Sites.Reviews: Steely Dan: Aja. Reviews: Review by danfaz July 7, 3 of 6 found this review helpful. I don't have the previous versions, so I can't make a comparison. However, it is a beautiful sounding SACD. It sounds very clear, no hisses, spits, crackles, etc.

best shm sacd

Despite being 2 channel, there is a pretty good sense of separation of the instrumentation, as well. I can see why these are expensive other than the SHM label It must be true.

best shm sacd

This disc sounds considerably more open than it originally sounded. Just gets better each time! Was this review helpful to you? Review by JimiDiscs July 8, 3 of 5 found this review helpful. This is a title that I have long awaited. It sounded great on vinyl, great in a different way on the original Japanese US released CD pressing and I imagined the SACD would be the ultimate culmination of the best features of both. I was home when it arrived.

Thank goodness, as a signature was required for delivery. I had planned on doing other things but this forced me to put everything else on hold and immediately listen to this treasure and enjoy a few moments of Nirvana. I carefully opened the packaging, which is quite nice, and I inserted the talisman into the player. I set the volume on the pre-amp to a very listenable level and sat in 'the seat', ready to ascend. I must say, I was not blown away. In fact, the experience was almost reserved.

I actually started to listen with a critical ear rather than be able to soak in the experience. The examination of how each of the individual instruments sounded became part of an analysis process, and I continued. The bass sounds excellent, controlled, strong, a sense of air on 'Black Cow', track 1.

On track 2, 'Aja', the bass started to really sound alive. I wasn't analyzing the bass on this track, I was enjoying it.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts.

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best shm sacd

Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter windhoek Start date Aug 15, I've read the reviews on SA-Cd. The SHM concept is nonsenseits no different to those magic markers that you were supposed to color the edges of your CD's with. Same thing goes for SACD.

The best SHM-SACDs

No change in datano change in soundsimple as that. I had heard about the coloured marker CD thing before; that sounds like snake oil lol. Last edited: Aug 15, Andy, as you work as a sound engineer, that was great to read. Once again a case of your ears are fooling you, in particular as the process has never been supported by any evidence whatsoever to prove it's claims.

As you say Redbook is Redbook. The only things that effect playback are the quality of the laser assembly, the clamping method and the DAC. From the CD's perspective the mastering is the biggest factor, not what it's made of. Cheers Andy, thanks for expanding on your earlier comment. It looks like I still might want to buy some SHM-CDs, not because of what they're made of, but because the Japanese approach to mastering often results in a more enjoyable listening experience.

Sadly, that still means if I want to hear the music I love sound better than before, I need to accept that it's going to cost an arm and a leg. They are usually available in non SHM versions as well.

Rich Marshall Well-known Member. Trollslayer Distinguished Member. This reminds me, I menat to get the remastered vesion of Division Bell. Without SHM. I agree with andy Though they do seem louder than the originals, using the Prince SHM's as an example.

Ive got a a lot of them tooand Ive ripped them with EAC alongside the non SHM versionsand track for trackthe same checksums and the exact same data. I didnt buy them by the waythey were presentsits the thought that counts, they genuinely thought they were buying me something better than I already had. Kane D Williams Novice Member.Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

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Location: Norway. Espen ROct 18, Location: Krakow, Poland. TomekOct 18, Location: Beaver Stadium. KeithHOct 18, Location: NYS. Location: Sunshine State. So far I have only managed to listen to Vol IV and I can say that this is the best digital version of this album so far. Simply fantastic! Location: Athens, Greece.

Location: tokyo. Location: Germany. ClausOct 24, Location: Between the known and the unknown PhantomStrangerOct 24, Location: Under the moonlight. MisterBrittDec 25, KeithHDec 25, Location: new market, maryland. I am very impressed with the sound especially considering the time it ws recorded.Discussion in ' Music Corner ' started by ClausNov 29, Log in or Sign up.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Germany. It would be a good idea ClausNov 29, Location: Norway. Espen RNov 29, Location: Belgium, Europe. Hope I'll receive them soon! PS: Which version of Gaucho is the best according to you? The old sacd or the new shm-sacd just curious? PanaPlasmaNov 29, Location: Beaver Stadium. I only have two: Dire Straits and Aja. KeithHNov 29, It's sounds very analogue-like on my dCS player I wouldn't rate Dire Straits as very good.

Both pressings have their strengths and weaknesses.

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They're not perfect Location: San Antonio, TX. Location: Taipei.

best shm sacd

We need more categories besides 'very good' and 'good'. Robert LanNov 29, Location: S. United States. RubenHNov 29, Location: USA. Holy DiverNov 29, Location: Fonthill, Ontario. I was not impressed by the Rod Stewart. Dennis MetzNov 29, Some technical debates are so polarised that it is hard to believe there can be sane people on both sides.

The best SHM-SACDs (part3)

One such is that over whether high resolution audio is audibly superior to CD. First, a little orientation. This standard was first published in and the first production CD player appeared in Technology has moved on a long way since then, and around 10 years ago there was an industry format war over what higher resolution disc should replace CD.

Maybe, maybe not. InBrad Meyer and David Moran put this theory to the test. Meyer and Moran wrote up their results in a paper published by the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society.

Unfortunately the full paper is only available to AES members, but the results are well known and widely discussed. There was an unimportant caveat. If the volume was whacked up to very high levels, you could hear a difference in the noise floor.

It does not prove that high-resolution audio is pointless; in fact, it has obvious value in production as opposed to deliverysince production means digital processing, which degrades the sound; it makes sense to work in a resolution much better than you need for final output. I guess the same argument can be applied even to the distribution format, if the player is processing the sound to apply equalisation or bass management, for example.

Ultimate Super Audio CD "SHM-SACD" Comes On A Scene!!

In fact, Brad Meyer says :. Those who have read the JAES paper written by me and David Moran may remember that we too thought that the high-bit recordings we heard sounded, as a class, really exceptionally good.

Our experiment, however, made a very good case for the theory that the reason for this lies not in the extra bits but in the market niche these recordings occupy. Your rant against what you call square-wave recordings i. SACDs are issued to a tiny niche market that is known to use good to excellent equipment, and to be fanatically devoted to realistic timbres and dynamics. And guess what? They are also for surround sound, something which a CD does not support.

In a nutshell: you could agree with the test result and still want to invest in SACD discs and hardware. Does it matter? I am not focusing here on the benefits of DSD over PCM, which are also contested, but will mention that the transparency test casts doubt on this as well as on high resolution sound itself.

This is from a leaflet tucked into early SACD releases:. The SACD format is about to change the way you listen to music … thanks to an amazing 2, samples per second, you get audio performance that no other format can deliver. If you care passionately about music, then SACD will inflame that passion as never before. You can also get a flavour of it herean unofficial FAQ, including this statement:.

There are also audiophile sites where you can purchase high-resolution downloads, such as HDtracks and Linn Downloads. The high resolution downloads cost more; so if nothing else, Meyer and Moran might save you some money even if you want the best no-compromise sound.

Many audiophiles simply disbelieve the result. The CD channel with Even 48kHz sampling is not quite high enough. Hi-fi critic Robert Harley says that the conclusions of the test prove that double-blind testing does not work :. These tests, ironically, say more about the flaws inherent in blind listening tests than about the phenomena in question. The latest in this long history is a double-blind test that, the authors conclude, demonstrates that Or that high-res digital is only slightly better and not worth the additional cost.

I contend that such tests are an indictment of blind listening tests in general because of the patently absurd conclusions to which they lead. Reactions like this are to be expected from parties that are heavily invested in the merits of some facet of technology. Hi-fi is particularly problematic for several reasons, for example:.Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Now reporting from the MilesSmilesJun 2, Location: Georgia US.

Location: Beaver Stadium. KeithHJun 2, Yes, the Bill Evans Trio offerings are fantastic. MisterBrittJun 2, Location: Between the known and the unknown Claus needs to repost his list in this new thread.

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PhantomStrangerJun 2, Echo likes this. Location: Spring Green, WI. Glad to see this thread come back for a part 3 although wouldn't it be nice if there were new titles to discuss. Cream - And a number of other rock titles. I am really not into Sabbath and the one that I would most be interested Paranoid in is rated low my many here - funny because on SA-CD. I did buy Sabbath Bloody Sabbath when I found one for a relatively low price - sound is good I will have to give the music more time.

I even bought one Caravan Land of Pink and Grey mainly because of its "outstanding" rating by several posters here - I agree it sounds great this group and album was totally new to me I have never heard of them before. Kind of funny music whimsical I guess one would say. I have not bought it but I was really hoping the Queen Greatest Hits vol.

I have enough bonus points a CDJapan to give me a good price if I buy one more I just don't know what title to get. I may well be my last. Location: Toulouse, France. Plan9Jun 3, Location: Germany. ClausJun 3, MRambleTuco and vonwegen like this. I can't seem to track it down but it compares very favourably to the original UK vinyl. Plan9 likes this. Location: Norway. Espen RJun 3, And why does it not appear on your list?

Hoffman's CCRs are magical. I'd guess that Steve may be able to slightly improve upon them using his latest and greatest DSD know-how, but it would take some mighty fine work for him or anyone else. Agent57 likes this. KeithHJun 3, Location: Ukraine. Location: Portland, Or. ClancemanJun 3,


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